Old Nick’s Redfish Tournament May 20

12th Annual Old Nick’s Redfish Round Up


TOURNAMENT DATE:   May 20, 2017 – Click here for Redfish Round Up Entry Form

SPECIES: Red Drum *Redfish* (Sciaenops ocellatus); 18” – 27” length.

ENTRY FEE: $210 per 2-Angler Team; Anglers must be registered & have entry fees paid by 7:00pm CST, May 19, 2017.

RULES: 2-Angler team event. Tournament starts and ends at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, 7585 HWY 20 WEST, Freeport, FL. Anglers may launch from their desired location, but must check-in with the Official Boat between the hours of 5:00AM and 7:00AM to receive their tournament card before fishing. The Official Boat will be located behind Nick’s Seafood Restaurant on Choctawhatchee Bay at N30.29.103 W 086.15.194. Live wells will be checked at official boat. Once checked in with the Official Boat, Anglers may begin fishing. All fish submitted for weigh-in must be of legal size between 18 and 27 inches and caught the same Tournament day.

WEIGH-IN TIME: Weigh-ins will be held at Nick’s Restaurant from 4:00PM-5:00PM; Fish will not be judged before 4:00 PM. Any team not checked in by 5:00PM will be disqualified.

WEIGH-INS: Both anglers must be present and have their tournament card at weigh-in. Fish must be alive and in good condition upon weigh-in. Any alterations and/or tampering of weight or size of redfish is strictly prohibited, and will result in immediate disqualification from tournament, as well as permanent disqualification in future tournaments. Any fish that appears to have been penned, mangled, mauled, mashed or otherwise altered will not be scored. Each team may only have the tournament limit of two (2) redfish in their possession at any time during the tournament. Redfish will be measured with a closed mouth and pinched tail and must be between 18 and 27 inches. Anglers must follow the laws of the Florida Wildlife Commission.

SCORING: Teams will be scored on the heaviest total weight of two (2) redfish weighed in together. Redfish must be between 18 and 27 inches long. Bring fish alive to the scale. Dead fish will receive a one pound deduction per fish upon weigh-in.

MYSTERY WEIGHT: Two (2) legal fish that have a total weight of TBD, or closest thereof.

SPOTS DIVISION: Largest spot count per single redfish. Only one Redfish per team will be eligible for the spot count division. Angler must declare at the scale which fish he wishes to enter in the spot count. The tournament official will count and document for each team.

SMALLEST TWO: Lightest total weight of two (2) legal redfish (18-27”); live fish only.

LOCAL’S CHOICE: Heaviest total weight of two (2) redfish under 23” in length.

CANCELLATION: The Tournament Director may cancel or postpone the tournament at his discretion, but will not limited to inclement weather or less than a 60-team participation. For more information, contact Trey Nick at (850) 835-2222 or (850) 830-6161.                                                                                              

TIES: In the event of a tie, the team that has the earliest official weigh-in time takes precedence.                                    

GEAR/FISHING METHOD: Hook and line, live or artificial bait only; cast nets or entanglement nets are prohibited. Anglers must fish with a boat. Wade fishing is permitted.



1st Place –        $5,000
2nd Place –       $2,000
3rd Place –       $1,500
4th Place –        $1,250
5th Place –        $   750





***CASH AWARDS CALCUTTA (OPTIONAL): $100 – $50 – $25 per Team. 100% Payout on each division.

1st Place – 70%; 2nd Place – 30%.

***Note to Anglers***

Nicks Boat Ramp in Basin Bayou might be too shallow for some vessels to enter Choctawhatchee Bay.

Anglers may need to seek other launching destinations.




17th Annual Old Nick’s Speckled Trout Shoot Out May 1 – 31, 2017

TOURNAMENT DATES: May 1st – May 31st, 2017 – Download Speckled Trout Shoot Out Entry Form

SPECIES: Speckled Trout (Cynoscion nebulosus) – 15” minimum length
ENTRY FEE: $30 per Angler; After May 1st – $35 per Angler. Anglers must wait 24 hours after registering/submitting entry fee for tournament to weigh-in fish. Anglers can submit entry fee payment / registration to –
Nick’s Seafood Restaurant- 7585 HWY 20 West, Freeport, FL, or by phone at (850) 835-2222 or (850) 830-6161.
RULES: Anglers will be judged on their single heaviest Speckled Trout, over 15”. Each Angler in the Speckled Trout division is allowed 3 weigh-ins for the entire tournament. Fish must be caught in Choctawhatchee Bay, or estuaries thereof (Brooks Bridge to Peach Creek).
WEIGH-IN TIME: Applies to all divisions. Angler must call Tournament Director to set-up weigh-in times. Scales will be open from 10:00AM – 9:00PM, 7 days a week, by appointment only. Anglers must call the Tournament Director prior to arriving at the scales and establish a set time to weigh-in fish. Tournament Director: Trey Nick – (850) 830-6161 or (850) 835-2222
SCORING: Anglers will be scored on their single heaviest Speckled Trout in the Overall Division; 3 fish limit.
Hook and line only. live or artificial bait; cast nets or entanglement nets prohibited. All fish brought to weigh-in must be a minimum of 15 inches in length. Only one fish over 20 inches, per day, may be weighed-in. All fish brought to weigh-in will be kept for inspection. Fish in poor condition are subject to disqualification at the Judge’s discretion. Dead fish brought to weigh-in must be fresh and properly iced. Live fish brought to weigh-in will be released. All participating Anglers must abide by the current rules and regulations of FL Fish & Wildlife Commission.
PAYOUT: 100% payout on the top 5 heaviest Speckled Trout.
• 1st Place: 50% of entry fee
• 2nd Place: 20% of entry fee
• 3rd Place: 15% of entry fee
• 4th Place: 10% of entry fee
• 5th Place: 5% of entry fee
• 6th – 10th Place will be recognized and awarded with prizes & gifts from Tournament Sponsors.
CASH AWARDS CALCUTTA (OPTIONAL): Additional $20 per Angler. 100% Payout.
1st Place – 70% of total cash awards; 2nd Place – 30% of total cash awards.
CHOCTAWHATCHEE LADIES DIVISION: Heaviest total weight of 3 Speckled Trout for the entire tournament, over 20”.
1st Place – $300; 2nd Place – $200; 1st Place – $100
KID’S DIVISION: *Anglers 12yrs & Under ONLY*
All Anglers in this division will be recognized and awarded prizes & gifts from Tournament Sponsors.
JUNIOR DIVISION: *Anglers 13 – 17yrs ONLY*
1st – 3rd Place will be recognized and awarded prizes & gifts from Tournament Sponsors.
CATFISH CLASSIC (additional $10): *Anglers 12yrs & Under ONLY*
Heaviest aggregate weight of 5 daily totals; 3 fish limit per day. Catfish must be saltwater species.
Anglers may weigh-in fish any day during the tournament, by appointment only (see above).
1st Place: 50% of division fee; 2nd Place: 30% of division fee; 3rd Place: 20% of division fee
LEONARD SMITH SPECIAL (additional $25): *May 6 & 27, 2017 ONLY*
Heaviest aggregate weight of 4 Speckled Trout per day; combined weight of 8 fish total (both days).
All fish brought to weigh-in must be a minimum of 15” and less than 20” in total length (15.00” – 19.99”).
1st Place: 50% of division fee; 2nd Place: 30% of division fee; 3rd Place: 20% of division fee
The 17th Annual Old Nick’s Speckled Trout Shoot Out Awards Banquet & Fish Fry will be held on Monday, June 5, 2017 to recognize all participating Anglers. Fish Fry – 6:00pm CT / Awards – 7:00pm CT


Freeport Bayfest Fishing Tournament October 22 – November 5

bayfest-fishing-logo-1Treylermade Tournaments and Nick’s Seafood Restaurant is hosting the Freeport Bayfest Fishing Tournament Oct. 22 – Nov. 5. Compete for redfish, mullet, speckled trout, bass, and bream.

Register at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, 7585 W. Hwy. 20, Freeport. $5 from each registration fee will be donated to Autism Spectrum on the Emerald Coast, Inc. For more information contact Trey Nick at 850-835-222, or 850-830-6161.

Entry Fee – $20 per angler. Click here to download registration: bayfest-fishing-tournament.pdf

Registration – Participants can pre-register or register at their first weigh-in. Registration is at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant.
Species – Speckle Trout – 3 fish total weight. Slot limit is 15”-20”
Redfish – Single Fish Spots Count and Tournament Aggregate Spots Count
Mullet – 3 fish total weight
Bass – 3 fish total weight
Bream – 3 fish total weight

Score – Based on daily weigh-in. Anglers may better their score but, can only hold one place on the leaderboard per species.

Weigh in – At Nick’s Seafood Restaurant from 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Tuesday – Sunday.
** No Monday Weigh-in **

Cancelation – The Tournament Director may cancel or postpone the tournament due to inclement weather.

Gear/Fishing methods – All species other than Mullet, must be caught on a hook and line using artificial or live baits.

It is possible to schedule an earlier weigh-in time if a weigh-master is available. To schedule an earlier weigh-in time contact Trey Nick at 830-6161 or 835-2222.

The winner of each species will receive a prize package valued at $50 or more. Winners will be announced at 8:30 p.m., Saturday, November 5th at Nick’s.

Winners are required to pick up their prizes at the Freeport Bayfest on November 12.

Nick’s Kids fishing tournament June 25, 2016

kidscatfish1smJoin in on the fun as Treylermade Tournaments hosts their Annual Kids Catfish Tournament on Saturday, June 25, 2016. Entry fee is $50 per angler with proceeds to benefit the Backpacks of Love Foundation and Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance Grasses in Classes. All anglers must register at Nick’s Seafood at Basin Bayou by 7 p.m. on Fri., June 24. Download flyer and registration form:  CatfishTournament2016

Rules- Kids age of 12 years or under, Four (4) catfish limit saltwater species. Fishing in the Choctawhatchee Bay or estuaries thereof. Fish may be caught in a boat, on a dock, or from the shoreline. Adults may assist kids with handling fish but may not reel fish in for them. (Baiting and Casting and use of landing net only). Live or artificial bait, rod and reel only, no jugs, cast nets, or noodling. Note: Catfish have three spines use caution when handling these fish. (Cut the line when the fish is in the boat, hooks are cheap.)



1st PLACE BOTH DIVISIONS:A brand new boat & trolling motor by TRACKER MARINE!

*In the event that a single Angler wins 1st place in both divisions, one Grand Prize will be awarded to the Angler*

Starting Point: Anglers may start from their desired location in waters on or adjacent to the Choctawhatchee Bay in Okaloosa and Walton Counties. Tournament starts at safe daylight on Saturday, June 25th.

Weigh-in time: 4:00-5:00 PM. Scale will open at 4:00 and close at 5:00 PM. Contestants must be checked in with a tournament official by 5:00 to have their catfish


scored. Weigh in will be at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant 7585 Hwy 20 West Freeport, FL 32439. 850-835-2222 or 850-830-6161.

**All fisher kids must be registered by 7:00 pm Friday, June 24th**.

Mullet Toss for all ages will be held following the weigh-in.