Nick’s Appetizers

Raw Oysters … (in season) cold fresh oysters served with your own cocktail creation) Also served steamed.
One dozen $7.00  ½ dozen $3.75

Old Nick’s Seafood Gumbo – served with rice and crackers. Bowl $5.95   Cup $4.95

Cheese Sticks $5.95

½ Pound crab claws (fried or steamed)  $11.95

½ pound snow crab  $8.95

Fried green tomatoes   $6.95

Gator Tail   $10.95


Grilled Cheese – tasty hot cheese melted on hot buttered bread $3.95

Hamburger – a ¼ pound of ground beef served on a hot bun made the way you want it $8.15 (with cheese $8.25)

Oyster Sandwich – juicy fried oysters served on a hot bun with tartar sauce $8.15

Shrimp Sandwich – battered fried shrimp served on a hot bun with tartar sauce and cocktail sauce on the side $8.15

Fish Sandwich – a slab of fish served piping hot on a bun with tartar sauce and cocktail sauce on the side $8.15

Chicken Sandwich – a boneless filet of chicken served on a fried hot bun with lettuce and mayo $8.15

Fried Green Tomato Sandwich $5.95

All sandwiches include choice of sides

Side Orders

Cole Slaw $2.95
Tossed Salad $2.95
French Fries $2.95
Baked Potato $2.95

Food for Nick’s Kids (12 and under)

Shrimp Dinner  $7.95
Fish Dinner $7.95
Hamburger $7.95
Chicken Fingers $7.95
Corn Dogs $7.95
Peanut Butter and Jelly $4.95

All Kids meals served with French fries and drink

Nick’s Entrees

Fried Shrimp – Seven large shrimp fried to a golden brown $15.95

Grilled Combo – Four shrimp and grilled fish $17.95

Grilled Shrimp – Marinated and grilled to perfection $15.95

Combination Dinner – Shrimp, oysters, fish or scallops fried to a golden brown in our batter (pick any two) $17.95

Fish of the Day – Plentiful helpings of fish fried in our own special batter or steamed to perfection $13.95

Gulf Grouper – Big helping of gulf grouper, fried or grilled to that perfect time $18.95

Fried Oysters – An order of at least nine oysters cooked lightly and made to be juicy $16.95

Seafood Platter – A delicious way of trying all our seafood in one meal, serving shrimp, oysters, fish, scallops and stuffed crab $21.95

Fried Scallops – Nice helping of scallops fried golden brown $16.95

Soft Shell Crabs – Two large blue crabs cleaned and fried to a golden brown $17.95

Nick’s Steak – A 12 oz. choice of cut ribeye $17.95

Breast of Chicken – A full breast of chicken, fried or grilled, and guaranteed to be better than the colonel’s $10.95

Fat Hattie Special – Pick any two, two shrimp, two oysters, piece of fish with choice of sides $10.95

Gator Tail – Fried to a golden brown $15.95

All entrees served with a choice of salad or slaw, fries or baked potato (after 5 p.m.), hush puppies and cocktail sauce.

Steamer Entrees

Steamed Blue Crabs – Served cleaned and hot with butter. Dozen $26.00   ½ dozen $13.00

Steamed Shrimp – A plateful of u-peel ‘em shrimp served with cocktail sauce and crackers.  Pound $15.90  ½ Pound $8.95

½ Pound Crab Claws – with choice of potato and coleslaw or salad $16.95

Steamed Snow Crabs – One pound of crab legs served with butter. Choice of potato, slaw or salad $18.95

Steamed Combo – One half pound of steamed shrimp, and one half pound of snow crab legs served with butter. Choice of potato, slaw or salad

Bottle and draft beer, domestic and imports

*Ask about our desserts

$100.00 service charge on all returned checks

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